We are Rockytop

Rocky top Snacks is a confectionery factory wholesaler in St. Louis, Missouri. We are creating the World’s Best Gummies, nuts, and Candies by following a simple recipe for success and constantly looking for a better method.

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Our President

It’s a priority to keep our customers happy. Doing that means we take care of them and make sure they’re satisfied. We want their experience to be enjoyable, after all, that’s what Rocky Top Snacks was founded on! In order to do this, we require the best possible ingredients necessary in order maintain high quality candies.

Our Mission

What We Stand For

Rocky Top Snacks strives to deliver quality confections that delight through superior customer service. Every day, we create something new and tasty for our customers to enjoy. We’re proud of what we do – it matters that you have a positive experience when you eat Rocky Top Products! That’s why everything we make is done with the highest quality ingredients.

Try The Taste Right Now!

If you prefer sour, our sour alternatives that start sour and remain sour will have you puckering up! But, of course, we also value our fans of sugar-free and natural gummy.

We are Rockytop

All of your favorite tastes in one place! Enjoy the fresh fruity flavors of the World’s Best Fun Mix.

rocky top jr. fruit mix, sugar candy, sour candy ABOUT US

Why not try all of the tastes instead of just one? These Jr. Fruit Mix may be small, but they pack a punch in terms of flavor.

What We Stand For rocky top laffy taffy candy

It’s perfect! The flavor of our Laffy Taffy is bright and fresh, just like a peach.