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Choose a variety of the World’s Best Gummy Bears and Candy which include a wide selection of Rocky Top Snacks, chocolate, nuts, mixtures, and sugar-free candy. It’ll be easy to see that our gummy bears and candy will bear out why they’re known far and wide as being some of the best gummies and candy around!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We have an answer! Contact us if you have any queries regarding nuts candy, 99 cent candy, or other products. For more information, check our FAQ page, where you can get answers to all of our commonly asked questions.

What is Rocky Top Snacks?

Rocky Top Snack is a confectionery manufacturer and distributor based in St. Louis, Missouri. We manufacture some of the world’s best gummies, chocolates, and nuts using the simplest yet most effective recipe for eating success.

Do you have any delicious sugar free candy for diabetics?

We do! From chocolates to hard candies to gummies and everything in between, check out our delicious range of sugar free candies.

What is the most popular candy sold at Rocky Top Snacks?

We have a number of top-selling items, due simply to the wide variety of candy for different holidays, seasons, and special occassions. Thus, best sellers often vary from month to month. But if you want to check out what’s hot at the moment, you can always take a peek at the Top Sellers tab on our homepage!

Is all of your candy made in the USA?

Our immense bulk candy store offers sweets manufactured from all over the world. That being said, most of the candy we sell is made in the USA. Most product information pages list the country of origin unless we don’t know for sure where the candy is made.